Cheese Farm

The Cheese & Wine Cellar at Walker Bay Estate & Birkenhead Brewery

Klein River Cheese Farmstead, near Stanford is a celebration of cheese, picnics and family. They love to unleash the inner artisan in every one of us. Cheese is not only about their products, it’ is in their culture.

Not just creating cheese and picnics Klein River Artisan Cheese inspires chefs and romantics, nature lovers and healthy, family-centered ambassadors.

About their Cheese

Klein River Cheese crafts 4 styles and 11 types of exceptional and award-winning South African cheese. We have been producing cheese for over 25 years with a team of cheesemakers boasting extensive knowledge and experience in cheese craft.

These days, people want fast, convenient and easy food. Sustainability, nurturing and health comes from slow, deliberate and the purposeful. It comes from the small things – the attention to detail. The land that cows graze, the quality of milk, the nurturing and art of the cheese-makers hand, the shuffle of the cheese brush and precision of the cheese cutter. Klein River Cheese crafts cheese. Real cheese slowly and purposefully.

More Information

The Cheese & Wine Cellar

Please note that the Klein River Farmstead is permanently closed to walk-in visitors and picnics. 

Klein River Cheese